Elizabeth Montgomery


A fifth generation Bay Area resident, I was born and raised in Berkeley. After attending UCSB, I lived in New York, Los Angeles and Oakland for several years before settling in Orinda to raise my four children. A few of my hobbies are watercolor painting, reading, cooking and gardening. I have always been involved with community activities and volunteer work, and enjoy making a difference in peoples’ lives. Every day at LARC I see how the care, support, friendship and laughter we share with our participants and their families has a positive impact. It’s my pleasure and honor to know these fine folks and provide this vital community service. I’m especially proud to know that we treat our participants with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Cookie Ragen


I grew up on the East Coast (NJ and NH) and migrated to California to attend Mills College. After college I moved to Lafayette where I raised my three children. I now live with my husband in Oakland, but spend much of my time in Orinda at LARC. My outside interests are hiking, gardening, travelling and spending time with my family and friends. Once I found LARC, or it found me, my life became more complete and I feel that I’ve found my “calling”. I always look forward to being at LARC and sharing my ideas and enthusiasm. I feel that LARC is my “other family”.

Carolyn Bauer


I lived in Chicago for 40 years before moving to the Bay Area. I graduated from Northwestern University, and had a public relations firm. While I love my midwestern roots, I feel fortunate to call Lamorinda my home. My husband Mark and I have two children, Miller and Lily. I enjoy dance, music and photography. I find it to be an amazing blessing that in my work at LARC I get to do all three…and with glee. My work at LARC fills me in so many ways. We all – participants and staff – draw from our experiences to engage our minds, bodies and spirits in important ways that honor who we are. At LARC we form friendships that transcend into family. It’s no wonder we all enjoy our days at LARC so much!

Chris Sully


I live in Orinda with my husband, Danny, and our yellow lab, Amber. She loves to come and visit everyone at LARC, showing off her tricks preferably for treats. At least twice a year, I go to Boston to visit my two sons and youngest sister. My husband thinks we should move there, but I’m not so keen! When I am not at LARC, I enjoy swimming three times a week. LARC is a special place and I love the sense of caring community we all create.

Mary Nelson


I love working at LARC! Everyday is different, but always filled with good conversation, laughter, sharing of memories – along with music, dancing, mind games, art and exercise. Ever since I was a little girI I have loved spending time with older people. I was born in Minneapolis, but raised in California. I live in Piedmont with my husband and my black lab, Hank. I have three grown sons and a baby granddaughter. I am a former elementary school teacher and community volunteer in the Oakland schools. I love to garden, arrange flowers, read, walk and travel. LARC is a very special place and I cherish my time with our participants.

 Kozue “Kay” Nakajima


I was born and raised in Japan. I was a registered nurse in Japan. In 1994 I came to the United States. My hobbies are flower arranging, cooking, music and exercise. I worked in assisted living for 13 years, my last job was as an Activities Director. I really enjoy working with the elderly and do my best to keep them smiling and enjoying themselves.